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Brownes Dairy ‘smuggling’ dairy goodness | 01.05.2017
WA dairy producer, Brownes Dairy has launched their new ‘A Hint Of …’ flavoured milk range, which has all the natural goodness of fresh WA milk with no added sugar and no artificial additive nasties.
The new range is set to transform the flavoured milk category by introducing a first of its kind to WA families – a range of yummy, naturally flavoured milks with no nasties. That means absolutely no added sugars, no preservatives, colours, additives or artificial sweeteners. Just a hint of natural chocolate, strawberry, banana or vanilla and fresh WA milk.
As we all know, milk is a great source of calcium for strong, healthy, growing bones. But, as children get older, it can be a challenge to make sure they are getting their daily calcium needs met. 
“It’s a perfect win-win situation,” said Brownes Dairy Marketing Manager and mum of two Ivana Pereza. “My kids think they are having a yummy dairy treat but I know they are getting a healthy, natural milk drink that’s packed full of calcium”.
These healthy and delicious natural milks have become a big hit in the Pereza household, and one that doesn’t take a toll on their health. “If my girls are going to have something that is supper yummy and fun, it usually means that it’s not that good for them,’ said Ivana. “Now we don’t have to compromise anymore. They can enjoy Brownes Dairy ‘A Hint Of…’ everyday – at breakfast with their cereal, after school and as a snack and before bedtime. It’s delicious, fun and healthy.”
Brownes Dairy ‘A Hint Of…’ flavoured milk range comes in four yummy natural flavours – Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Banana – and is available in 400ml and 1.3ml bottles. Available in Coles, Woolworths and local IGAs.
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