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Developing social intelligence for school | 01.05.2017
Research acknowledges that the experiences of early childhood have lifelong implications for our health, wellbeing and development – including our ability to become productive, socially and emotionally adjusted members of society.

Doctors Farrar, Goldfield and Moore from The Royal Children's Hospital, Murdoch Children's Research Institute emphasise that ‘gaps’ in children's functioning and achievement develop early and may be significant by the time they reach school. They also state that the children who enter school not yet ready to learn tend to do less well and are more likely to experience social and emotional difficulties throughout their lives.

Joondalup Montessori Early Learning Specialist provide children aged two to five with a carefully prepared environment, specialist materials and educators trained in the Montessori Methodology to help avoid these ‘gaps’. This prepares children academically and socially – not only for school, but for lifelong learning.

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