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A new approach to chronic pain | 01.05.2017
Chronic pain affects between 20% to 30% of Australians, but less than 10% of people have access to effective treatment, costing the economy an estimated $35 billion each year. 
Whilst 70% of chronic pain is the result of injury, arthritis and musculo-skeletal problems, about 30% has no obvious cause, leaving many people in the dark about what to do.
However, advances in scientific research over the past decade have led experts to understand that in many cases chronic pain is caused by unhelpful changes in the brain, known as ‘maladaptive plasticity’. In other words, in some cases of chronic pain, the pain is actually coming from the brain. This new understanding of chronic pain has resulted in innovative brain-based treatments that, in many cases, can dramatically reduce long-standing pain in just a few weeks.
At The Perth Brain Centre they use special scans called QEEG to help pin-point the problem areas in the brain and use this information to help direct effective treatment. They use the latest brain-based therapies, some of which are featured in Dr. Norman Doidge’s internationally best selling book The Brain’s Way of Healing, the sequel to his equally popular book The Brain That Changes Itself.
Treatment programs, directed to re-wire the brain, usually take place intensively over a few weeks. It is important that patients are motivated and prepared to set aside a little time out of their day to help get the best results.
Brain-based treatments are becoming increasingly accepted as effective therapies by ‘main-stream’ medicine. In fact, The Perth Brain Centre was recently invited to speak at The Annual Rural Health West Conference, attended by several hundred GPs, to present on brain-based therapies for chronic pain.
For further information on how brain-based therapies can help you or someone you know with chronic pain, please contact The Perth Brain Centre on 08 6500 3277 or visit
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